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Multifunctional role of women as a key driver for rural development

PROJECT MORE – Third co-creation event – Circle 

The 21st December 2022, the third co-creation meeting has been organised with the aim to illustrate the training section of the MORE platform, collect feedback regarding the training section and the available training materials and evaluate the training courses. 

At the beginning the project objectives and main results have been briefly illustrated with a focus on the objective of the third co-creation event, i.e. collection of the feedback related to the training courses developed. 

The following training courses, already available in Polish, have been presented during the meeting: 

•    Entrepreneurship
•    Access to funding 
•    Digital Skills for rural women entrepreneurship. Bridging the digital divide
•    Work-life balance and the social rights of women

The participants evaluate the platform an excellent tool, very nice looking and user friendly. 

The training courses have been highly appreciated both as a source of information and resources for rural women and from the structural point of view that will certainly allow the target to use the developed material. 

In particular, the participants underlined that the self-evaluation part of each module is very important and useful for the users. 

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