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Multifunctional role of women as a key driver for rural development



The MORE project aims to improve the access to, and the quality of, training opportunities and qualifications of rural EU women.


Gender issues should be integrated into rural policies at various levels and there is a need to intensify research on rural governance structures.


MORE Training will consist of 10 e-courses designed for - and co-created with - rural adult women.

The Project.

The MORE project ("Multifunctional role of women as a key driver for rural development") aims to improve the access to, and the quality of, training opportunities and qualifications of rural EU women. The realities of women's lives in rural areas have become more diverse in recent decades. In today's society, women assume a "multifunctional role" in the multi-faced context of their families (i.e. child and elderly care) and social and labour ties. This multiplicity of roles contributes significantly to improvement of their families' quality of life, as well as rural socio-economic development, civic engagement, and ways of rethinking the territorial contexts.




Press Releases

Multifunctional role of women as a key driver for rural development Multiplier event Circle

On 28/10/2023, Circle organised a multiplier event to mainstream, give visibility and valorise the results of the Erasmus+ MORE project, which gathers 8 partners from 6 EU countries with the aim of improving the access to training opportunities for rural EU women. The event, which took place at Culture center of Stary Kisielin, saw the participation of 15 people, including local stakeholders of the support ecosystem of rural development, gender promotion and female social entrepreneurship and general audience. Circle discussed with participants about the project background, its objectives, presented analysis of the situation in different EC countries, all activities implemented and achieved results. A brief presentation of the Consortium and partners’ roles and responsibilities in the project followed.  Circle illustrated the contents of the MORE Community Platform and the functioning of the country hubs and explained the contents of the training courses co-created by all partners.  The last part of the event was dedicated to a questions and answers session with participants, aimed at promoting the importance of their participation into local and national policies as well as the importance of education products and services in the rural areas.  

Consortium joined the Closing Transnational Project meeting of the MORE Project

On September 20, consortium participated in the Closing Transnational Meeting of the MORE Project (Multifunctional role of women as a key driver for rural development), a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. This project brought together seven partners from six countries, namely Belgium, Italy, Romania, Greece, Spain, and Poland. We are thrilled to announce that our partners convened in the beautiful city of Malaga at the ITSFA headquarters to conduct the final meeting of our project. During this meeting, we discussed the last necessary steps to successfully conclude our project, as well as essential aspects related to the sustainability of the results and the MORE website. We also had the opportunity to review all the project's achievements, and we are pleased to report that we have received positive feedback. This feedback comes from both the pilot activities conducted in the participating countries and external entities and organizations that have had the chance to explore the project's website and materials. If you haven't done so already, we invite you to visit the MORE Project website (https://www.moreproject.eu/index.php?lang=EN). This meeting was marked by the exchange of innovative ideas and collaborative efforts, addressing crucial topics to ensure that our project continues to have a positive impact in the future. We remain dedicated to excellence and the sustainability of our endeavors. For further information about MORE project and its initiatives, please visit  https://www.moreproject.eu/ https://www.facebook.com/MORE-Project-112021021533837/?ref=page_interna https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiuQGwsLFT6RiOurR8regdw

MORE: A participatory event on multifunctionality in Lecce

On 27 April 2023, Demostene centro Studi  Out organized the multiplier event entitled: UN DIBATTITO SULLA MULTIFUNZIONALITA’ The event was held in Lecce  at the CROCEVIA Lab  in Via Guido Dorso, 73100 Lecce LE, Italy. Target participants: representatives of associations, cooperatives, institutions and citizens in general interested in discussing the topic. The event was structured in 3 main sections: ✔    Introduction: The project Coordinator, Daniela Tramacere, welcomed the participants and presented the objectives and activities of the project. ✔    SECTION 1 Presentation: The project coordinator explained the main results and outputs of the project, such as the online platform, the training modules and the Hub ✔    SECTION 2 Testimonials: Some participants who attended the Event and tested the training courses shared their experiences and feedback on the project and its possible impact on their personal and professional development in Multifunctionality ✔    SECTION 3 Discussion: The participants engaged in a lively debate on the challenges and opportunities of Multifunctionality in the Rural Area exchanging ideas and suggestions for future actions. The event was a valuable opportunity to explain the concept of multifunctionality and its benefits and possibilities. It also introduced MORE project results, in particular the platform for online courses on various topics. The event launched a trial experiment of the courses and invited all participants to give feedback and share their views. The discussion also touched on the challenges that women, especially immigrant women, face in rural areas and the barriers to developing an entrepreneurial mindset in a context that often does not recognize women as entrepreneurs.  The event ended with a catering service where participants could continue to exchange opinions and suggestions in a more relaxed atmosphere.  The audience expressed high satisfaction with the event. The non-formal approach was adopted to create a comfortable and engaging environment for all participants.

Capturing the Essence of Rural Women: the MORE Photographic Contest comes to a successful conclusion

The MORE project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, proudly announces the successful completion of its photographic contest. The contest, launched across seven rural territories in Europe, has played a vital role in promoting the multifunctional roles of women in rural areas and emphasizing their significance in preserving the essence of rural life in Europe. The MORE project, which brings together eight Partners from six countries including Belgium, Italy, Romania, Greece, Spain, and Poland, is dedicated to enhancing the access to training opportunities and qualifications for EU rural women. Through the establishment of local "Rural Women Hubs" (RWHs), the project aims to empower and celebrate the contributions of women in rural communities. The photographic contest held by each Rural Women Hub provided a captivating glimpse into the lives, businesses, and activities of women in rural areas. Participants showcased their artistic flair and storytelling abilities, illustrating the diverse and vital roles played by women in the rural landscapes of Europe. Among the inspiring entries, one photograph stood out for its powerful portrayal of a rural woman's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for her craft: "La emprendedora”. The image, taken by Elena Monsalve, showcases her grandmother's entrepreneurial endeavour as she stands proudly in the wine cellar of her home, atop a barrel, collecting a sample of wine for tasting. The photograph beautifully captures the dedication and love which women invest in their businesses and activities; it does not only highlight the spirit of entrepreneurship but also celebrates the intergenerational knowledge and traditions passed down through families in rural Spain. It exemplifies the core values of the MORE project, showcasing the importance of preserving and promoting rural women's contributions to the socio-economic fabric of Europe. The MORE project extends its warmest congratulations to all the participants of the contest for their outstanding contribution. All the photographs received - which are published on the MORE Platform - stand as a testament to the invaluable contributions of rural women and their commitment to their families and communities. The images captured during this competition will serve as a tribute to their multifaceted roles and the pivotal role they play in the preservation and development of rural areas in Europe. For more information about the MORE project and its initiatives, please visit https://www.moreproject.eu  Email: moreproject.eu@gmail.com  Facebook Page YouTube Channel