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Second MORE co-creation event – Radio ECCA

On October 25, 2022, the second MORE co-creation event organised by partner Radio Ecca took place. The event was organised in conjunction with Como una Cabra, an entity dedicated to the training and support of women in rural areas, specialised in entrepreneurship. A total of 18 women from rural areas around Spain participated in this event, which took place online, including entrepreneurs, workers, inhabitants of rural areas and stakeholders.

The objective of the event was to transfer to women who know the rural context the results obtained from the research carried out by the different partners of the MORE project in the different European territories. The purpose was to contrast the findings and obtain information about three fundamental blocks: The definition of a multifunctional woman, difficulties, needs, opportunities and good practices in the rural context. In the session the different points of reference to the blocks were discussed and through a “World Café” dynamic the participants presented their opinion, provided significant data, proposed ideas and gave feedback to improve the training. All these points will be a key part of developing the training modules that meet the needs of the beneficiaries, taking into account the difficulties that they face, guiding the good practices that they themselves outlined at the event.

Among the key points discussed was the importance of providing the necessary training that gives women the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills, mainly in personal skills, social innovation and community development, entrepreneurship and specific sectors of employability and technological innovation and digital tools. Numerous conclusions were drawn, for example, the definition of a multifunctional woman in rural areas as one who is assigned all the traditional roles but who also reinvents herself and strives for new roles, especially in the workplace, for example, as an entrepreneur. They also highlighted the need to adapt training to their needs and difficulties, creating training opportunities. All comments and inputs were collected in a second co-creation report that will serve as inspiration for the partnership and for future projects.

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