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Multifunctional role of women as a key driver for rural development

PROJECT MORE - First co-creation event – Circle

The 28th of September 2022, the online meeting has been organised with the stakeholders interested in the MORE project.

After a short introduction of the project objectives and main information, the training methodologies of the project have been discussed with the participants.

The attendees agreed that the specific courses for rural women are an important opportunity for that target.

The training courses should be “friendly”, i.e. simply from the technical/operational point of view. According to the feedbacks received the training needs are multiple, but the main discussed topics were related to the digital competences and professional, entrepreneurial and labour competences.

Moreover, the importance of the marketing online was discussed, and the participants considered it as fundamental means nowadays, in particular: social media – how to use them to promote; shops online – how to create and manage them; adv on webpages – how to create them and how to select the best providers and websites.

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