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The multifunctional role of women as a key driver of rural development

Co-creation event MORE

Radio Ecca

On September 23, 2022, the first co-creation event of the MORE project organised by RADIO ECCA took place, in which 20 professional trainers participated.

At the event, organised by Radio ECCA, Paula and Gabriela, professionals involved in the project, presented the objectives, activities and expected results to the attendees. These contributed to a brainstorm, providing very useful information. The discussion among the participants was essential to reflect on different proposals and suggestions regarding each of the points discussed in the event: definition of multifunctional women, good practices, needs of women in the rural context, training opportunities, and a summary of conclusions with the most important points discussed during the event. The reports prepared on each participating country (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania and Poland) responding to the topics discussed above, were very helpful in guiding the discussion, some of the questions raised at the event are listed below:

●    How would you define the multifunctional woman in the rural context?
●    Do you agree with the points identified in the country report?
●    What are the characteristics of a multifunctional woman?
●    Do you know good practices at the national level?
●    Do you know good practices at the regional level?
●    What needs have you detected in working with women?
●    What needs have been detected working in rural areas?
●    What are the training needs?
●    Do you know any innovative tool or instrument that can be included?
●    Is there any topic you think we need to address?
●    What kind of material should be used (videos, resources, images, etc.)?

Following these guiding questions, some interesting ideas emerged from the discussion that will be taken into account in the preparation of the MORE training course, in which, by Radio Ecca, topics will be developed in the area of entrepreneurship, leadership, personal and social empowerment. All outputs from the participants will also contribute to the report of the event, which collects valuable information for the MORE project, and also will serve as support and inspiration for future projects.

The MORE project "The multifunctional role of women as a key driver of rural development" aims to improve access to and quality of training opportunities and qualifications for rural women in the EU. The realities of life for women in rural areas have become increasingly diverse in recent decades, as have their socioeconomic needs. In today's society, women assume a "multifunctional role" in the multifaceted context of their families (ie child and elder care) and social and employment ties. If you want to know more about the MORE project, you can access the following link: