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Anna’s Popiel Farm success
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Rural women entrepreneurship


Anna Popiel is 42, full of energy and enthusiasm with an experience of work on her parents' farm. For 20 years, together with her husband Artur, she has been running a farm of 45 hectares with a long family tradition in Kapałów, Konecki County, Świętokrzyskie Province.
The structure of sowing and cultivation is mainly maize and grassland. The main direction of production on the farm is dairy farming. The farm is fully mechanized, has modern machinery and buildings adapted to the direction of production, which is milk production. The basic herd consists of 60 heads, including 35 milking heads, from which about 300,000 liters of milk are obtained annually. The recipient of the milk is the District Dairy Cooperative in Końskie in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, specializing in the production of dairy products.
Thanks to the ongoing modernization, the farm is systematically developing to increase the production and the efficiency of the farm. 
Anna Popiel is actively involved in projects organized by local authorities and in the life of local society, she is socially active. For 9 years, she has been the mayor of Kapałów and the deputy chairman of the Rural Housewives' Association of Kapałów - Radoska.
She fulfills the functions entrusted to her very well. As part of social work, she is the organizer and co-organizer of many interesting projects, events, actions aimed primarily at integrating the local community, charity campaigns, cultural events, local celebrations, church celebrations, among others organization of trips to the cinema, harvest festivals for residents of the Kapałów village, municipal and district harvest festivals, family festivals under the slogan "Radoszyczanie Dzieciom", school aerobics, "remnants", maintaining the long-standing tradition of "dedicating fields", i.e. organizing an annual Holy Mass in outdoors, in Kapałów, celebrated by a priest with the participation of residents.