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Mujer Rural


Rural depopulation, discrimination, labour market


As part of the transnational initiative SIMTEGRA, in Madrid, in response to problems related to depopulation and the economic situation, good practices are carried out to combat all forms of discrimination and inequality that occur in the labor market between men and women. For this, the following actions are carried out:
●    Awareness plans are drawn up in educational centres, with students, teachers and the association of mothers and fathers of students, on equal opportunities and vertical gender segregation.
●    Positive action plans are developed in the business environment and for women in the work environment on issues such as training, self-employment, reincorporation or insertion and the promotion of associations.
●    Plans are drawn up to promote the participation of women in the labour market.
●    Guidance is offered for the creation of new work models that reconcile work and family life.

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