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Laszki Ranch
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Rural women entrepreneurship


Laszki is a town in the Białystok poviat where you can find the Laszki Ranch founded by Emilia Korolczuk. He mainly breeds goats and produces cheese from goat's milk. All activity is documented on her farm Facebook page. The hostess's schedule is very tight. He must combine childcare and daily rites for animals: 
“We get up very early to deal with everything. Milking goats, cows and sheep takes a lot of time. You have to work on the cheeses later. At 12 am I greet the first people who made an appointment to visit the farm. I spend an hour on the tour. I'm back to making cheese. At 14 more people come. If the visit is extended, it will be unfortunately at the expense of my lunch”.
Emilia Korolczuk was awarded for winning the title of "Personality of the Year 2019" in the category "Charity and social activity in the Białystok poviat"