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Interview to Kleinon about the MORE project

On February 20th 2023, Kleinon, Piatra Neamț (Romania), was interviewed about its role in the MORE project and the objectives pursued within it. Kleinon is a Romanian education and support services organization founded in 2008 with a focus on innovation and sustainability. They collaborate with education providers, social actors, and employers to develop solutions for e-learning, advanced teaching processes, project management, and innovative digital tools. With their expertise in Erasmus+ Projects, Kleinon has been awarded first place in Romania's top micro enterprises that offer education support services every year since 2017. Kleinon is also an ISO 9001 certified organization.

Kleinon is actively involved in MORE, bringing value to its implementation and activities thanks to its presence in rural areas of northeastern Romania. Specifically, Kleinon contributes to MORE's OER platform and community for multifunctional women, focusing on rural entrepreneurship. They co-create and deliver MORE training modules and have organized events in three rural locations. Kleinon works with education and training organizations in rural areas, allowing them to reach real-life multifunctional women through on-site and online pilot testing activities. They collaborate with local educators to deliver courses and support target groups to deploy training effectively.

MORE aims to improve access to and the quality of training opportunities and qualifications for women in rural areas of the EU, promoting the multifunctional role of women to achieve gender equality and easy access to training. This initiative empowers women to participate in the development of local ecosystems and reach a high number of low-skilled women from various backgrounds and age groups. Through high-quality training modules on small business management, digital literacy, marketing, and finance basics, MORE raises awareness of support and finance opportunities available for women living in rural areas.

Interview: https://youtu.be/mUy7SU9NkTU
Interview (romanian): https://youtu.be/fbdwHnOhlS8

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