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Interview to IHF about the MORE project

On November 22nd 2022, Lorenzo Costantino, a project manager from IHF, Bruxelles (Belgium), was interviewed about IHF’s role in the MORE project and the objectives pursued within it. Since 2003, IHF is an association and think tank that mainly works with the process of European integration, carrying out researches and analysis on current trends of European integration like sustainability, training, innovation, education for competitiveness.

Within the project, IHF is responsible for two specific groups of activities: research and analysis, and visibility and exploitation of the project. IHF’s researches are about the trends in terms of policy and programs for entrepreneurship in rural areas, with a special focus on female participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the European Union. The second block of activities aims to bring the MORE project to the European scene through communication and dissemination campaigns. 

The MORE project brings together different angles of female entrepreneurship in rural areas with at the core the dimension of empowerment. It is about building and reinforcing the sense of initiative of the target group and unlocking their potential from an entrepreneurial point of view and perspective. To do this, the partnership will provide training tools and opportunities, but also operational tools to promote the social and economic empowerment of the target group and to help them turn ideas into actionable measures. 

Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1f5HhOigcw

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