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Rural depopulation, rural entrepreneurship, cultural heritage


This project tries to create spaces in the transfer and development of strategic thinking skills and the creation of networks in order to build interrelated communities. To do this, it seeks to bring rural and neo-rural entrepreneurs closer to strategic training, networking, the community of practice and internationalisation. Within the framework of adult education, this project addresses the need for internationalisation, business education, the development of skills and abilities, and the creation of networks in European rural areas to promote sustainable development. Among the actors that are part of the CultRural+ program are universities, rural municipalities and SMEs that work in the search for innovative digital strategies and the construction of knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship for local development in rural areas at risk of depopulation. Among the objectives proposed with the project are:
●    Improve the skills and knowledge of adults, especially those entrepreneurs and low-qualified civil servants to enhance their skills and favour their adaptation to changes in the labour market in rural areas.
●    Generate local networks for sustainable local development.
●    Promote business education and training in strategic thinking for rural entrepreneurs.
●    Train mayors and municipal councillors in rural areas in strategic thinking to promote resilience, governance and internationalisation.
●    Promote active citizenship and personal development through lifelong learning and coaching.
●    Promote integrated tourism as an added value in the creative management of cultural heritage.