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Gender gap, labour segregation, intervention


In Lleida (Cataluña, Spain) good practices are carried out to reduce the gender gap in rural or isolated areas. Among the objectives set is the reduction of the imbalance between women and men, as well as combating job segregation. For this, a comprehensive intervention program is defined that includes training aimed at women. This training includes:
●    Courses and conferences on environmental education in agriculture.
●    Courses on the competitiveness of tourism companies managed by women.
●    Courses on commercial and legal knowledge to promote female entrepreneurship.
●    The use of ICT by women has been promoted through online training.
●    Face-to-face computer and Internet courses.
●    Creation of an online space to improve access to training through ICT, this is divided into three blocks: training, information and communication.
●    Training in fruit and vegetable production, aimed at both technical personnel and unqualified personnel, using a mixed, face-to-face and virtual methodology.
●    Training in electronic commerce techniques through the creation of a virtual store.