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RURITAGE Heritage for Rural Regeneration


Rural regeneration, social innovation, cultural heritage


This project seeks to promote sustainable development through the improvement of the cultural and natural heritage of rural areas. The main objective is rural regeneration, for this, its actions are focused on the development and transfer of skills and abilities, in a community context where the different actors and local communities are involved in a participatory process and heritage management. Likewise, new forms of collaboration are favoured where the development of capacities and the mutual learning approach between the reference models are promoted. This four-year project identifies six systematic areas of innovation as paradigms for heritage-based regeneration strategies: pilgrimage, local foods, migration, arts and festivals, resilience, and landscape. The activities and actions that are carried out are aimed at obtaining as a result a set of tools and services for rural communities to promote regeneration strategies led by heritage. Among the results obtained throughout the project are:
●    The creation of an interactive web page that is built on the basis of an atlas of territories resulting from the interactions between people and the landscape (RURITAGE Atlas).
●    A descriptive set of good practices and innovative solutions for rural regeneration (RURITAGE Replicator Tool Box & My Cult-Rural Toolkit).
●    Wide selection of tools to promote change and collect responses from rural communities (RURITAGE Serious Games kit, DSS, Regeneration Guidelines).
●    Encourage the interaction of people with their rural landscape (RURITAGE Troubadour).