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An example of women multi-functionality in rural Romania
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Rural non-agricultural entrepreneurship


Oana Daniela is the perfect example of multi-functional rural woman. She lives in Girov, Neamt county, she is a mother and a small farm owner. She is also an entrepreneur, coordinating a small company - Kameo-Dominion, which provides authorized translation and writing services. She finds most of her customers online and works from home according to her own schedule, allowing her to take care of the household and animals.

According to Oana, in an exclusive interview for Kleinon ”Usually, women from the countryside are placed in a certain category, assuming that they only take care of the household. However, this is far from true. In recent years, the number of rural women who do more than that has increased.
I, for example, even though I come from the urban environment, I chose to move to the rural one out of the desire to spend more time in the open air and to eat healthier. The move changed my lifestyle, but not from a professional point of view. More precisely, I have a lifestyle similar to that of a person from the countryside, but professionally I am still a person from the city. For example, I have various animals in the household that I always take care of, consisting of goats and chickens, a greenhouse, an orchard, and several acres of lands. The agricultural products resulting from my work are mainly used for my family – but sometimes I produce more than we need so I have several occasional customers too.
Besides this, I take care of the house, I cook and I take my son to school daily. At the same time, I have a satisfying professional life as a translator and a writer. I do ghost writing and translate content from various fields, I create and illustrate children’s books.
Although this lifestyle is often demanding, I always find the dose of energy needed to do the right thing.”