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Eryka Nawrocka – famer influencer


Rural women entrepreneurship


Eryka Nawrocka breaks the stereotypes about young farmers. He records videos on TikTok, in which he reports on the life of modern women in the countryside. Curious Internet users ask her why she chose this lifestyle, and she scrupulously answers them. - Sometimes I feel like an extinct genre under strict protection - he declares on one of the recordings.
Yoga and agriculture are two hobbies of Eryka Nawrocka.
On the other hand, Eryka Nawrocka is active not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram and TikTok. Her YouTube channel is devoted to her second passion - yoga.

Eryka said: “In Poland, unfortunately, the stereotype of an unattractive woman who works in agriculture has become established. That is why I record videos in make-up so that you understand that women can be beautiful also in the countryside. I think so after numerous comments: "Farmer? And so beautiful" .... As if both were mutually exclusive. Sometimes I feel like an extinct species under strict protection. The grandmothers from the countryside are great, and so are the grandmothers from the city. All women are great and no matter what they do, she pointed out”. 

For several years she has been running a farm, passed down in her family from generation to generation. As she emphasizes, no one forced her to continue the family tradition, but the love for land, countryside and agriculture instilled by her parents did its job. Her positive energy and passion helped win many fans on social media, and this allows her to fight the stereotype of an uneducated farmer, deprived of additional interests, on a daily basis.