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Biological agriculture; rural regeneration; slow food;


Salento Km0 is an association based in the province of Lecce with the objective of building a solidarity economy network based on the respect for the ecosystem, the production of healthy, fair and good food and the short supply chains. The association promotes the meeting of farmers and has set up a network of more than 50 local organizations including agricultural cooperatives and associations active in the area of rural regeneration. All the adhering organizations share a 'manifesto for natural agriculture in Salento' resulting from a participatory process that expresses a series of cardinal principles in the way of farming, among them:

Practising natural agriculture that rejects the use of chemicals and GMOs;
Assuring product quality and traceability;
Enhancing and preserving the landscape, local resources, identities and cultures, transmitting those values into the products;
Promote the development of a civil, ethical and sustainable economy that ensures social inclusion and respect for workers' rights;
Improve the environmental, economic and social conditions of the territory;

It should be emphasised that the female presence both within the Salento Km0 association and within the network is very high and, above all, they assume  role of entrepreneurs even though they work as farmers as well.