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Erasmus+ Project: WomenPRO


Social entrepreneurship, women empowerment


Young Women as Social Entrepreneurs, path to better life - WomenPRO project aims to motivate young girls and women leaving in rural areas and remote areas to find employment in their regions by providing them with an integral and holistic training course, tailored to their specific needs. The project focuses on empowering them in order to realize that they can start their own business.

The project general objective is to enhance and promote social entrepreneurship spirit among young women by raising awareness and supporting them in evolving their skills in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Enhance the development of competencies for entrepreneurship of young girls in the project countries,
  • Foster and widen the competencies of EU teaching staff, sharing the possibility to use innovative approach,
  • Develop the innovative approach to competency development in digital age,
  • Contribute to unification of the educational and training standards to recognize the learning outcomes, and also
  • To track the competency development of young people to prepare them to successful entering the labour marker

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