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Agribusiness Rosalia D’Ilio


Female entrepreneurship, rural business, rural regeneration


The company is located in Contrada S. Lucia, and was established in 1981 when Rosalia D'Ilio took over her husband Pasquale's family business, which had been active since the early 1900s, preserving its multi-productive and family character. In 1997, the entrepreneur, taking advantage of market opportunities, expanded the offer, opening an agritourism with 20 covers, today 50, and 12 beds. With funds from the Abruzzo RDP 2007/2013, the farm was equipped with a biomass boiler, which has made it possible to cut energy costs.
Rosalia works on the farm with her daughters Emanuela and Miriam, with the collaboration of her husband Pasquale.

Attention and respect for the environment in every aspect, both in cultivation and breeding techniques and in energy production, combined with the genuineness of the product/service and family management, are the factors that characterise the D'Ilio farm, which has made quality the inspiration behind its philosophy. 
Sharing the project between family members has also allowed the company to adapt to the needs and demands of the market, diversifying and expanding its product and service offerings over time.

Thanks to funding from measure 121 'Modernisation of agricultural holdings' of the Abruzzo RDP 2007/2013, the D'Ilio company is energy sustainable: it produces thermal energy from agricultural and forestry biomass produced directly on the farm. With the installation of the boiler, a twofold advantage was achieved, reduction of energy costs and disposal of by-products from pruning.

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